...'question everything...
    ...but before you can "question", must "listen"...                       AW  2-12-23

'may visit Africa... but the ANCESTORS I know and know of?

 The rich, specific, unique and original culture I grew up with/in and am a
 deep-rooted part/descendant of?  All here.  I am of this land, this soil.

I was born a deep-rooted American. My deepest "connected" roots are in
 the Soil, History of this land called "America".  I will die a deep-rooted
 American.  Regardless of where I am.
...going to Africa, for "me"?  Would be like a 4-5 century rooted English, Italian,
 Irish "ancestored" American... going back to England, Italy or Ireland.  EXCEPT... less genuinely certain of my "root-connection".

...Cool stuff.  But I owe it to my Kin, Kind and Ancestors I appreciate
  the UNIQUE and specific History, Culture, Contribution, Relationship,
  Struggles, Sacrifices, BLOOD that they gave in and to this land that they made

I owe the specific Builders, Dreamers, Contributor-Ancestors from BEFORE the
 Mayflower...  my fealty. 

'Love to visit Africa.  But even if I stay there(or elsewhere on foreign soil).
 They and I will both know... I'm a F'n American.                         AW 2-14-23
...not a "fan" of this quirky "flea market" opinionator(below... but "listening"
 for possible items of value in the personal junk he displays and tries to   
 wholesale...                                                                                                               AW 2-12-23
...listening closely...
...listening...                                   AW   12-19-22's complex, no doubt.  and not everyone from "Africa"(and other places)
  come with the same "attitudes" BUT...

...foreign Blacks  jus' got here talk all kinds of sh--...and "Native" Been Here
 Colored Folk gotta deal with the "attitude/disrespect" they bring. 

...never  mind their "opportunities" are result of the road paved with the Blood, 
 Bodies, Battles, Sacrifices--"Progress"  clawed out by the very people they
 disparage/dis. 'Progress that even reaches to and has helped THEIR kin in the
 countries they leave behind. 

 ...America is changing RAPIDLY.  Native Blacks(centuries deep roots) are
 losing their unique relationship to their "Home".  Part due to short-sighted
 leadership. Part due to one helluva lot of manipulation and use by better
 organized "Others"... to achieve THEIR goals...

 The young fella below speaks a Truth most Been-Here Negroes KNOW.
                                                                                                                                    AW 1-12-23
 'to all you 'been here from git' Negroes
 ...with a few "slight" differences of thought--I am PERFECTLY in line with
 "Smokey"... I am NOT an "African-American"...and while there are MANY
 who go along to get along("whatever" is their dismiss)... it DOES matter.
 Very much appreciate the African Fellow, below Smokey.  He's on it. 
 But with one HUGE EXCEPTION for this "Negro"...

 I AM "HOME", bruh. 

Family, Kin, and Friend for generations RI'CHERE'.  I respect you in being
 at home in your Africa  as "African"...'preciate if you'd respect those of us,
 here... as being "home" as Black Americans.    TRUTH.

When even the Great Nelson Mandela came here...and was asked(by White Press
  Folk) if he identified with the "Black American" in America.  He said...and I
 accepted his words--hard to find exact quote these days--the control-police are
 f''n with every damn thing--but it hit me like a brick with having witnessed all
 the Black Folks here hunger-striking and protesting and raising hell in support
 of South Africa--even to point of having Reagan's reasoning for America to
 CONTINUE to do business with South Africa VETOED...
Mandela said :  "we more closely identify with the "Native Peoples" of America,
 the original inhabitants"... 

 Cool... he said what he felt.  And I understand it. I accept it and respect him for
 his honesty. But it was a reminder of the distance.

Then you have ongoing "follow-ups" from Africa droppin' all kinds of negatives
 here and there on the "regular struggling" BEEN HERE" Black Folks... the
 attitudes and negative crap goes on and on...
Latest being some bozo called Acorn or something like that...(I thought
 "A-hole" when I read it.  I ain't a rap fan... but--they're still my Family. My
 Folks...and his dismissal and comparison to Africans being "better"? 
 Just another of many I've witnessed, experienced, seen, heard, felt. 

 So let's cut the crap.  If you're a Negro who's SUCCEEDED in America...hey,
 you're a friend and kin and glad-hand slap on the back.  And if you can be used
 in some way to promote X Y or Z?  Hey... smile and enter. 

 I supported Obama(first time only--2nd time I wrote-in voted for Val Demings
 as President and Tulsi Gabbard as Vice President) even though I KNEW he
 wasn't "real" in terms of rank and file Black Folks.  Look at his cabinet and who
 they/he chose to surround him?  Check their backgrounds...they were  NOT
 Historical Black Americans.  Like with Kamala...the "Controllers" passed on
 much better VP's in SEVERAL women(Black AND White) for an
 ill-suited "anchor born"(neither parent was an American citizen) who
 graduated highschool in Canada. They maneuvered this for...? reasons.
You tell me...
And the disses go on and on.  "African" American?  Uh uh.  No thanks.

And even that fella from South Africa...who showed up and was picked to front
 that ? show(Daily Show?)... The first time I saw the fella, he mimicked and made
 fun of Black American "speaking"... and capped it off with a response to
 a Black American speaking(before a huge white audience)... he capped his
 exchange mimicking a Black American by responding to a comment the local
 Black made...
 "Africa, yeah... I gots to get back there"...
 What did the South African offer for the audience amusement?   
 "We ain't waitin'"   said the smug recent arrival.
 And for that attitude?  Hollywood rolled out the red carpet.

I'm "home".   Thank you, Smokey.  Think I'll watch you again.
                                                                                                                                  AW 1-5-23                                                                                                                   
  ..."shocking"?   why?  
...and, original posters of this material:  stop with the stupid arrows. 
              's distracting and disrespectful.                                                          AW 12-29-22

  ...listening, appreciating your words/thoughts...
HOWEVER... speaking for "myself" and other Americans of color who DO NOT
 "identify" as "African-American", I would like to make clear that some of us  
 know ourselves to be a distinct "People".  Specific. Unique. Identifiable.
While we share a category of "race" with Africa, we are no more "African" than 
 Irish are English. French are German. Greek are Italian.

 What "defines" the Black American/"Native" Black American as being a unique
 and specific "People"?

Centuries of evolving a specific and unique culture, language, history.
 Distance from Africa in time, space and location.
 Our known Family, Ancestors, and unique identifiable culture/history.
 We are, finally, the "Evolution" of a  separate, unique, distinct, specific,
 identifiable, language, history, culture, country...  "People". 

And if that ain't enough...MANY of us are "mutts".  'Mixed with all kinds of
                                                                                                                                  AW 1-3-23
...former military advisor Col. Douglas MacGreggor seems to know his stuff...
 ...his predictions to date have seemed to come to pass...

...once again, I admit I have no idea what's what exactly... but this experienced
 military man is very much worth the time to hear...                                           AW 1-16-23
...was worth the time.  interesting.
                     ...but what is even more interesting and of greater value... are the
 responses.  Read the comments if you take the time to view the video.

...there are "holes" in the presentation/analysis.  The "Commenters" address
 some of them.  Good stuff...                                                                                AW 1-16-23                                                                                            's one for you... the next 50 years, if the dumb-asses waging wars and scrambling for POWER
 do not succeed in killing most Humans via bloody-insane carnage and polluting 
 the Earth to relative extinction--via their shortsighted schemes and knuckle-
 draggin' war based games/profit above all practices? 

Those who live in the shadows with big brains and tunnel-vision on creating the
 Future technology? (And yes, there will be human destructive twisted fiends
 among them, as well)

 Simply put?  "Ain't gonna recognize the joint." 
                          NEW LEADERSHIP IS NEEDED...BAD...
                                  ALL AROUND THE WORLD
                                  YOUNGIN'S WAKE THE F UP!
                                         YOU CAN DO BETTER
                           THE FUTURE IS NOT ABOUT  COMPETITION
                            IT IS ABOUT MUTUAL SURVIVAL
                                   MUTUAL DESTRUCTION

(nothin' written here is not known by the average 6th Grader if he's got half
 an unpolluted brain left...)                                                             AW 1-15-23
...former military advisor Col. Douglas MacGreggor seems to know his stuff...
 ...his predictions to date have seemed to come to pass...

...once again, I admit I have no idea what's what exactly... but this experienced
 military man is very much worth the time to hear...                                           AW 1-12-23
           ...agree or disagree, this young fella is bringin' it...
                                                          much, best, and as BOLD as he can...
...I'm listenin'...                                                                                                       AW 1-12-23
...not sure what the hell to think... my suggestion?  ALL FIGHTING SHOULD BE
 BETWEEN MEN 63 AND OLDER... 'young should be encouraged to explore
 ways to better Life Adventure for themselves and Other Fellow Human Beings.

 Let the old uptights take the old ways of domination-pursuit chosen over
  cooperative mutual sharing, respect, exploration and appreciation for the 
 magic and wonder of a very short Life. 
There's another way, fellas.
                                                      ...Figure it out.                                        AW 1-9-23           
           ...or go fight each other and let the New figure  out a better  way to
              "LIVE" Life --while they have it...                                    
  ...not a fan of Tucker Carlson... but even a screeching hatemonger clock can
 be right twice...every now and then
                                                                                                                     AW 1-2-23